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Xumium is friends with Joseph

that happened to me


Hola amigos

this [url="https://arthas.minecity.online/index.php/minetest-hosting/paypal-subscription-buttons?id=4:cookie-policy"]content[/url] is wonderful

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Ok yes, I was thinking it might be best to just give it to people you authorize to be mods. Wasn't sure about the regular protecting... If you need certain rights added to new users let me know and I can set it up...


Marisa Giancarla is friends with Justin Levin

Thank you for your hard work.

When I tried my new found power out, however, I noticed that the areas privilege may be a bit too much privilege.

From what I understand out of the documentation (which can be a bit confusing) the areas privilege is a moderation/administration privilege.
It does not only allow you to create areas, but also to transfer, modify and delete them, regardless of ownership.

Furthermore the node-protection does not apply to people with this privilege and thus the protection nullifies entirely.
This privilege should thus best be granted only to moderators (in name or being).

Areas does, however, offer a way for common players to protect their grounds.
This should be able to be achieved by enabling self-protection option.

I apologize for the extra work this may bring with it.


Yep, and as I said I got the names and gave then area permission...


Marisa Giancarla is friends with homthack

Wovado has a new profile cover. 2 months ago

That sounds great. Is it alright if I PM you with a list of the active existing users on the server (to the best of my knowledge)?


How about I set up areas mods?


Hey all,

I'm not really sure this is the right place to ask, but I'll go ahead anyway.

The official MineCity Fun Server is undergoing quite a bit of trouble.
Every day now several people log in and purposely start to destroy other people's buildings, even as they are working on them.

Would it be possible to provide some moderation?


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