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Elvano Miok created a new topic ' MineCity Fun Server unreachable' in the forum. yesterday

Hey all,

It seems the MineCity Fun Server has been unreachable for the last 2 -3 days.
When trying to connect it gives a "Connection Timed Out" error and on the odd chance you do connect you either enter an empty world with nothing loaded whatsoever or get a message that the server has underwent a critical error.


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Wojtek has a new profile cover. 2 weeks ago

Marisa Giancarla is friends with Wovado

Just to be sure I did check out the area I protected for you, but there seems to be a whole lot of sub-areas defined by either the owner (you) or someone else with area privileges.
This could be the cause of your problems seeing as many people have now been granted rights to your area.

Granting and revoking sub-areas is something owners should be able to do by themselves.
If this appears to be too difficult you may always ask me to revoke any sub-areas that prove to be a risk.


The problem is not you having no permissions.
After all I'm pretty sure I have recently given you a humongous protected area as you requested.

The problem is that there is someone who does have that permission who shouldn't.
So I hardly think giving more people permissions to violate other people's areas is hardly the answer to this problem.


You can put me to protect areas, I will not use this for bad, nothing happens, and if I accidentally do it, I will apologize...


Xumium has liked Jeji's Profile 4 weeks ago

Errors and sugestions/ Errores y sugerencias.


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that happened to me


Hello friends, Hola amigos

this [url="https://arthas.minecity.online/index.php/minetest-hosting/paypal-subscription-buttons?id=4:cookie-policy"]content[/url] is wonderful

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Ok yes, I was thinking it might be best to just give it to people you authorize to be mods. Wasn't sure about the regular protecting... If you need certain rights added to new users let me know and I can set it up...


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