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This is the host name your server should have. You must supply this. We can purchase the domain for you for $5 for a .xyz domain... Or you can have a subdomain of the domain for free.

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Tell us what region you want your server to be hosted in. Choose this for your real location or where most of your players will be from. Note this is a request - we may need to load your server on a different region for load balancing/hardware issues.

If desired, enter the PayPal address you want your donations to go to. If you don't specify one your email address above will be used.

Fail2ban protects your server from hack attempts. We recommend you leave this activated!

Do you want the donation feature? We recommend this to possibly earn you a little money.

Do you want to be notified when someone downloads a file from your website. Can be a dozen or so emails a day, but recommended so you know your website is being used...

Do you want the default slideshow enabled?

Do you want the live chat feature on your website enabled?

If you want additional languages on your website, list them here.

Do you want the default set of mods installed? This includes unified_inventory, IRC, and several more useful and safe mods...

What engine do you want to use to generate the world? v7 is the default.

What port do you want the server to listen on? Default port is 30000.

What do you want displayed when players log in?

How many users to allow at once?

Enable creative mode?

Enable damage to the user?

Allow players to damage other players?

What server do you want? The options are Minetest 5.x or Multicraft. Default is Minetest.

What should the random seed be? Leave blank to use a randomized seed.

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$14.00 for each Month
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