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MineTest Hosting

Our MineTest hosting service

Hello Hizkia Valencio Putra @ 2021-04-15, 18:37
Hi! PlaneBlueR23DP @ 2020-10-17, 23:50
Great service, would highly recommend. Even with nssm, nssb, elepower, pipeworks, and the plantlife modpack installed the server isn't laggy in the slightest, and support is really good. I will say that you will want some basic knowledge of how to use the linux command line and ssh beforehand as that will make your life a lot easier (even if you do have the mmc). FrostRanger, cabinfever.minecity.online @ 2020-05-08, 04:13
cHyper wanna Test this service (trial). cHyper0815OL, www.petersiederer.eu @ 2019-10-05, 22:30
Hi Ruslan, ruslan1.minecity.online @ 2018-11-20, 17:24
Hello Dargod, https://minecity.online/index.php/community/register/registerProfile?profileType=0 @ 2018-09-16, 22:01
hi and nice testimonial Xuedon Xfce, https://xfceworld.minecity.online @ 2018-08-25, 20:38
i proved my server by adding smartshop to frix the broken mods tell the creater text me back and tells me how fix it and i improve by having players tell me what to do and helping me find any bugs :) Darkwar, darkness.minecity.online @ 2018-08-19, 00:44