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MineTest Hosting

Our MineTest hosting service

Without MarisaG, I wouldnt have ever known how to use SSH, Well if it werent for Minecity experienced staff. But overall, a great experience, except when servers get hacked Guest @ 2023-11-24, 02:20
Good server hosting and best ever never found an reliable and affordable hosting plans if you are now choose minecity Ajay, ajayserver.minecity.online @ 2023-05-30, 23:13
lol I am dababy and this is cool dababy, dababy.com @ 2022-09-15, 09:43
Hey! I have a own Hosting. But... without MarisaG and Minecity, I might have had to give it up, but thanks to MarisaG I didn't have to, because in an emergency situation when my servers were running low, she gave me a server very promptly, I can tell you MarisaG is doing such a great job with her Minecity company, she gave many (me also as I described above) a free, good server! I can't speak for everyone, but for me it's the best hosting I've ever seen, not to mention that you can use it for more than just minecity, for example for webhosting, it's just great what MarisaG offers there, but unfortunately she's also running out of free servers... :( So, do something good for her and buy one, after all it only costs 5$, which is not much for such a great server!!! clownf, clownland-dns.freemyip.com @ 2022-07-18, 05:34
have you seen a great website were you can buy minetest server? if you haven't seen or if you have seen also i am sure this is the best website for buying good minetest server this is a great website and a website that include many features. you can also buy minetest server from here and i am really thankfull to MarisaG. she is nice and doing a great thing for us. The_Pro_Builder, https://minecity.online @ 2022-05-25, 01:28
Great service, would highly recommend. Even with nssm, nssb, elepower, pipeworks, and the plantlife modpack installed the server isn't laggy in the slightest, and support is really good. I will say that you will want some basic knowledge of how to use the linux command line and ssh beforehand as that will make your life a lot easier (even if you do have the mmc). FrostRanger, cabinfever.minecity.online @ 2020-05-08, 04:13
i proved my server by adding smartshop to frix the broken mods tell the creater text me back and tells me how fix it and i improve by having players tell me what to do and helping me find any bugs :) Darkwar, darkness.minecity.online @ 2018-08-19, 00:44
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